Medifast Shakes – Recipe Ideas for Your Medifast Shakes

The Medifast diet is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and keep it off for the long term. Many people have a difficult time with sticking to a diet and if they are able to lose the weight, they tend to put it back on quickly. Medifast gives you everything that you need, from a meal plan and delivered meals to resources that will keep you focused on your weight loss goals. One of the basic parts of the Medifast diet are the Medifast shakes.

The Medifast shakes can really get you through a difficult time if you have the munchies and they are an ideal meal on the go or at work. If you are going to be using the Medifast shakes for a long time though, you might get a bit bored with some of the flavors. But there are some easy ways to avoid that. Many dieters doctor up the shakes a bit by making their own Medifast shake recipes. Perhaps some of these recipes can help keep you focused and continuing with the Medifast diet until you’ve lost all of the weight you need to lose.

Adding some flavor to the shakes is a relatively simple thing and can help to make them more interesting. The difficult part of this is keeping within the Medifast diet guidelines while still giving yourself something that seems like a treat.

Medifast Shake Recipe Ideas

One of the things that you can do is to add any of the Crystal Light powders to your shakes in order to change the flavor. This will give you several different choices and as long as you stick with sugar-free, you should be just fine adding any of the Crystal Light powders to a vanilla shake to give it a little bit of zing.

Another favorite idea is using DaVinci sugar free syrups in your shakes. These are the syrups that they use at coffee houses like Starbucks. There’s a couple of different brands available, but DaVinci is probably the most well known. At your supermarket, you are likely to find these in your coffee aisle. Just make sure you get the sugar free syrups!

One of my favorite flavors is created by adding some sugar-free hazelnut syrup to the banana flavored shakes. Another thing that goes very well with the banana shakes is Tang, or, believe it or not, sugar-free rasberry syrup. Naturally, all of the nutty flavors — hazelnut, almonds, etc taste terrific in the chocolate shakes. They also taste delicious in the hot cocoa so don’t forget to give that a try as well. For the vanilla shake, one syrup I really enjoy with it is the coconut. That’s incredibly delicious.

Another tip is that when you make your shakes, if you have access to a blender and some ice, take the time to blend your shake in the blender rather than just shaking it by hand with the plastic shaker bottle. Substitute ice for some of the water when you toss it in the blender and you’ll find that your shake will thicken up to resemble the consistency of a milkshake. I find this is my favorite way to enjoy Medifast shakes and if I’m at home this is the way I always make them.

Between the meal plans and a support system that they have, you will find that losing your weight with Medifast is much easier than any other diet you may have tried. If you’re ready to finally ge tthe weight off, be sure to read my Medifast Diet Review [] and find out how you can get two free weeks of Medifast meals.

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