Keeping Weight Loss in Mind

How often do you think about what you want to look like? Not what clothes you wear or the style of your hair, but what shape and size your want your body to be. If you find yourself struggling with weight loss, it may not be often enough.

Succeeding in losing weight can be as easy as changing how you think about you. Scientists have discovered that using the power of the imagination to visualize your goals have produced greater real world results that simply exercising and a strict diet. Those who visualize their new body create a physiological connection between their body and mind resulting in a much greater chance of success then those who do not. It may be the easiest and most important exercise in your regime.

So how does it work? The first step in reaching your goals is to write down everything you want in vivid detail. How much you weight, what you want your measurements to be, how long you can run, anything you wish to achieve write it down. Putting your thoughts on paper will increase your minds connection to your goals and help to remind you of what specifically you want. Place that list out in plain view so you may re-read it frequently and reinforce those ideas in your mind. Better still, take a couple of copies with you and place them where you are sure to see them often throughout the day. Every time your eyes fall on the list, read it. Let your mind paint the picture of a thinner and healthier body. Let your imagination take over.

The key is to be as detailed as possible with your self-vision. Visualize looking down at the scale and seeing smaller numbers. Feel your hand run down your six-pack abs, imagine how it feels gliding over the bumps. See yourself in your mind purchasing a new set of stylish clothes or swimsuit. Feel yourself trying on the clothes and looking at yourself in the mirror with your new body. Pour over that image in your mind as long as you can and sear it in your brain.

Soon the vision will become second nature and a part of your sub-consciousness. The physiological connection will begin to re-program your mind and body into believing that vision to be you. You will notice a difference in the effectiveness of your diet and workouts almost immediately. And before you realize it, you are no longer imagining those things; they are who you have become.

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