Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #38


We all have signs, neon signs, that come to us. We get stomach aches, headaches and other maladies. These are signs from our body to change something and to just BE. We must pay attention to the messages. When we do, miraculous things happen when we come from a state of BEING.

What are your neon signs?

Often we find ourselves in the business of things hurrying to the next thing on our agenda. Thus,Guest Posting we send a message to our bodies that we are in the fight or flight mode. Cortisol, a hormone, is released during times of stress. When stimulated over time, cortisol can lead to cognitive impairments and increased risk for disease.

What does this mean to you?

If you are one of these people who continually gets lost in the doing, what are the results that you are getting? Is it bringing you joy or are you experiencing some maladies like anxiety, depression, intestinal problems, fatigue, physical pain, heart conditions? If it is bringing you the latter, then perhaps a dose of ME time is the proper prescription.

Years ago I was lost in the doing until I had my awakening. My doing got me so ill that I became bedridden and felt like I was just moments away from death. I was not paying attention to ME! I had a lot of huge neon signs (stomach aches, worry, sleeplessness, anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, relationship problems…just to name a few) but I kept doing so that I would be distracted from taking responsibility for my health and wealth–showing up for ME.

This illness was a gift because it allowed me to do self-introspection to determine where I needed to change my mind. Later on I attracted excess weight, another neon sign, and made additional changes. You know, I got to see Lance Armstrong at a conference recently, and he expressed looking at his cancer as a gift as well giving him an opportunity to see where he needed to make some changes in his life. Look at his results!

I can always feel my body speaking to me when I get off track in the doing rather than BEING. My neon signs will be blinking like crazy. I can recognize them easily now, and I say “thank you” to my body for being so patient with me. It’s now so easy to shift my thinking, and I’m very grateful.

Remember, like Wayne Dyer says, we are spiritual BEINGS having a human experience. We are not spiritual DOINGS.

Right now, you have BEINGS all around you just waiting to help you live in that higher consciousness of peace, love and joy. All these energies of light surround you with their love. They are excited to be here with you right now.

Call upon God, your Angels, your Guides, your Masters. Did you know they hang out with you all day long just waiting to help. You have them at your disposal at all times.

Right now, take 1 minute and express love for yourself by BEING! Instead of do deep breathing, be deep breathing. Say I breathe in, I breathe out. Be aware of your breath and be grateful. Be aware of all the BEINGS of light that surround you.

If you have your neon signs that are blinking like crazy, stop and pay attention. There’s something that you need to change. Unless, of course, you like neon signs constantly blinking in your presence.

We all need assistance in keeping us on track, and I can help you. My weight loss program has all the components that help you live in a state of BEING! I will help you shift your patterns of behavior from being busy to being peace.

Love and hugs,


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