Why is Lingerie So Sexy?


What is it about lingerie that men and women find so alluring? Is it the bare skin? Is it the leather or lace or lycra? Is it the promise of what is to come? Is it the tease?

Try an experiment, take 3 images of the same woman, image A she is dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, image B she is wearing nothing at all, and image C she is wearing A bustier, garter belt, thong, and fishnet hose. Put the three images in front of a man, and ask him to pick out the sexiest image. You may think he would pick the nude image. I’m sure he will give it a good look over, but when he considers it, he will, more often than not, pick image C.

We believe it has to do with what I call M.E.T. mystery, excitement, and tease. Image A has a normal appearance plenty of mystery, but, no excitement, and very little tease. Image B has plenty of excitement, very little mystery and almost no tease. While Image C has it all. Tease, just enough skin showing to get your attention. Excitement, sure, half dressed is a promise of what is to come. Mystery, oh yeah! Just enough covered to make the mind wonder.

So, lingerie is a great way to provide M.E.T. Why are strippers making money? Because they have used M.E.T. since they started. And the good strippers know how to use M.E.T. well. The question then becomes, are you using M.E.T.? Today’s club-wear is so sexy because it provides M.E.T.. Back in the 60’s mini-skirts became all the rage because of M.E.T.. Today it is low hip pants with the thong showing in the back. Who knows what the future will bring.

Throughout time lingerie has continued to be sexy. Lingerie has always used M.E.T.. Have you M.E.T. your guy? If you are one of those people that think “Why wear lingerie? I’m just going to take it off in 5 minutes.” The ladies that have discovered lingerie, have discovered just how excited they can get their man using M.E.T.. Now granted my perspective has a lot to do with my profession, I sell lingerie, costumes, club-wear, and hosiery. Why is a straight guy selling lingerie anyway? Because my gal M.E.T.. me.

I know the power of mystery, excitement, and tease. I have experienced it. You should too.

Jim Owns and operates a retail store in Beutiful Downtown Augusta Ga. As well as an on-line catalog of lingerie, clubwear [http://www.hotstuffleatherandlace.com], costumes and more. We have a community of lingerie lovers in our forum, and you can find it all at hotstuffleatherandlace.com

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