When Does Lingerie Become ‘Luxury Lingerie’?

We all like to indulge ourselves from time to time and some of us are lucky enough to have someone special who likes to take the time to spoil us. One of the most indulgent things we can treat ourselves to is obviously lingerie. No ordinary lingerie will do, though – as that wouldn’t be treating ourselves – it’s got to be luxury lingerie. But what constitutes luxury lingerie? It takes three elements: the fit, the design and the material…

The Fit

It’s all in the fit – or more specifically, the pursuit of the perfect fit! There’s nothing like being fitted for lingerie and getting sound advice from the experts. When was the last time you got your bra fitted? If it was over six months ago, you should make a trip to your lingerie shop of choice. We don’t stay the same size throughout our life (and even throughout the month) so we must embrace this and be proactive. The perfect fitting lingerie can take pounds off you and help you achieve the outer confidence you perhaps previously lacked in certain outfits.

The Design

Whether the lingerie is designed for function or fashion, luxury lingerie really does give that little bit extra. There are some amazing cutting edge designs out there: you can get long-line bras, lingerie with exquisite detailing and often unique elements which the high street copy the following year with inferior results. If support is what you what from your lingerie then you can often get it made-to-order to achieve the perfect support. So many designers have branched into lingerie design – but it’s a highly skilled specialty and for the lingerie to achieve comfort, fashion, style and functionality it takes an experienced hand.

The Material

Silk, tulle, satin, chiffon and French lace… you will feel fabulous in all of them. Chemises in silk and chiffon which follow the contours of the body are a hard act to follow. Whether your style under your work clothes is sexy seductress or simplistic, pretty innocence you can choose the material which suits you. You can get corsets made from replica antique French materials in rich, elegant, regal patterns and satin and lace French knickers in every colour from show-stopping red to sensual dusky pink. There’s even a fantastic choice of cashmere and angora wool lounge lingerie at the moment; these materials are so soft to wear you’ll find yourself demanding a whole lot more from the rest of your wardrobe.

Imogen Croft is a copywriter and online marketer who loves her luxury lingerie. From corsets and playsuits to bras and bikinis, if it’s not ‘luxury’ she doesn’t want to know.

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