Sheer Transparent Lingerie – What Does it Say About You?

They say that a woman’s best friend is her lingerie. This is the only thing that can transform a shy girl to a woman of the world. Having nice lingerie is not a luxury, rather it is a need. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are a slut just because you have sheer transparent lingerie. It simply means that you know who you are and you are not afraid to show it-even if no one will particularly see.

That is the basic essence of sexy lingerie. It is true. Maybe nobody will see it or even take it off but it is a woman’s secret weapon. It is something inside of you that you exude in a way that no one will ever know.

For instance, at the workplace, maybe some guy is actually competing against you in the conference room. He thinks that you are just another woman who is in a suit and he can take you down instantly. You, on the other hand, will be thinking that you can wear an ordinary suit that power ladies all over the city might be wearing but you have sheer transparent lingerie that can make your competition drool if he would only see. Frankly, a woman’s imagination is more powerful than a man. A man will simply undress a woman in his mind and think of getting into action but a woman will have all the dirty details all the way down to the morning after.

So, for those of you who haven’t really purchased sexy lingerie and are just stuck in trying them at the lingerie shop and putting them back in the rack, here are a few tips:

1) You do not necessarily need to buy the most exotic piece of lingerie in the store. As they always say, “baby steps”. Do not go all out choosing the animal prints or the see-through ones. As a beginner, go to the black section of the store first and choose something with lace. This is the best thing you should get as a first timer then afterwards you can go to the red ones until you reach the transparent ones.

2) You should not sacrifice your morals and beliefs because of lingerie. Many women think that lingerie is still taboo and wearing sexy ones is “too burlesque”. If you think that way, you can still choose those lingerie with ribbons so that it would look sexy yet cute.

3) Remember that lingerie is like clothes. There are many varieties and each one speaks a different language. So for example, you are a rocker, choose the ones with studs or with an edge to it. In terms of sizes, make sure that you choose the one that fit you best. If you are not sure about your bra size, ask the salesperson for a size range and try them all on until you find the one that will fit you exactly. The color of the lingerie should also compliment your skin tone. This tip also goes the same for the cut of the lingerie.

Sheer transparent lingerie definitely says a lot about you.

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