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So you have that gorgeous dress that demands a deep cleavage. Problem is, you are somewhat challenged in the boobs department. So what do you do?

In the movie, One Night At Mc Cool’s Liv Tyler had a very sexy, cleavage revealing scene where she washes a car with her body. She needed plenty of cleavage to get that scene to work, so the resourceful girl put her shoulder pads in her bra to get that effect.

You see, you don’t need plastic surgery for cleavage. Sometimes, a little resourcefulness is all you need.

Another trick a fashion stylist demonstrated on TV, when a shoot required more cleavage than the model had to offer. To get that cleavage, stuff the bra with tissue paper. Need more cleavage, just stuff in more tissue paper. Use the whole roll if you have to.

Ok, so it can get messy. Tissue paper is fine for photo shoots, but what about real life?

Shoulder pads work. Better yet, slip in a pair of bra enhancers into your bra to fake it. Or just get a padded bra to save all that trouble.

Use your common sense though. If you are going to the beach, don’t stuff tissue paper into your bikini top. It gets soggy and messy when wet. If you are afraid bra enhancers might just slip out at the most embarrassing moments, then wear a padded swimsuit. Alternatively, you could try herbal breast enhancement pills. These need to be taken faithfully for 3 to 6 months to see significant increase in breast size, but they are worth a try.

So you see, there are ways of getting that cleavage without resorting to going under the knife.

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