Sexy Lingerie – Hot Tips to Choosing the Right Gift for your Wife


If there’s one thing that men love their women to wear, it’s
sexy lingerie. If there’s one thing that women love to wear, it’s beautiful and sensual lingerie.

The challenge for men is to buy lingerie that falls into both these categories. Now, as most men will already know what lights their fire, they need to pay careful attention to the woman’s perspective.

Men who get it right will quite probably get the delight of seeing the lingerie on their loved one, but men who get it wrong could well end up in the spare room!

So, what are the key considerations when buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend?

The number one tip is to avoid anything that looks even vaguely tacky or cheap. Unless you are 100% sure that your wife loves red nylon, garments of this nature are a definite no no. Avoid them at all costs. Make sure you buy good quality branded lingerie, rather than poor quality imitations.

To make a good start, get an idea of her tastes by discreetly checking out what she already has in her smalls drawer. Be careful to leave it as you find it, unless you want 20 questions from her about why you’ve been in there. If you find a drawer full of t-shirt bras, it doesn’t mean that this is what you should buy, it probably just means that she finds them comfortable for everyday wear – bras are a daily necessity for most women and first and foremost they are naturally drawn toward the practical, everyday comfort of a bra, so they’ll have more comfy bras in the drawer than anything else.

Take note of things like the brands and styles she wears – when women find a brand they like, they often stick to it as the fit of the bra is more consistent. Use this information to check out what bras might be suitable for her and use a good lingerie site such as BraWorld to find out more about different styles.

Do check the size on the bras you find, but make sure you select bras that your wife or girlfriend wears at the moment, as a woman’s bra size can fluctuate throughout her life. You need two bits of size information, her bra band size and her cup size. You’ll get both of these from the label. Check a few bras to make sure there is consistency of sizing so that you get it right.

When you’re ready to buy, the following checklist may come in handy.

Sumptuous fabrics such as silk and lace are winners with many women – they have a luxurious feel and finish that doesn’t come with the everyday bras they buy themselves.

Matching sets are so much better than just a bra, they add style and class to a lingerie gift.

Some brands will always be considered as luxuries by women, it’s all to do with reputation, style and quality. If you want to impress her, consider brands at the top end of the lingerie market such as Rigby & Peller and Lejaby.

Rich colours such as dark blue, plum, coffee and claret can be very becoming and add sex appeal to lingerie.

Beautiful embroidery makes lingerie special, so look out for styles that incorporate pretty details.

Avoid anything with cut out sections or peep holes – subtly seductive garments are so much more attractive to women that those that are blatantly revealing. The advice is similar for anything in scarlet, give it a miss unless you know for a fact that she loves red undies.

Gift wrapping is important. There is something utterly luxurious about opening a box full of floaty tissue paper and finding beautiful lingerie inside it.

Balconette and plunge bras are two of the sexiest styles as they enhance natural curves.

Finally, take the occasion into consideration. Beautiful lingerie is a great present for many occasions. It’s a lovely way of saying ‘thank you’, or just ‘I love you’. It’s not a terribly good idea for her birthday though. Don’t ask me why, it just isn’t – but that’s a whole new article!

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