Push Up Bra – A Woman’s Must-Have

What’s in a Bra?! Well, for one, it’s a very essential garment for us women and a necessity indeed! We all know that we wear one for a variety of purposes such as to support and improve the shape of breasts and better yet, to reduce or enlarge the perceived breast size. Most importantly it restrains breast movement during an activity such as during exercise, to enhance cleavage and facilitate nursing. It has become a garment with erotic significance and a feminine icon or symbol to a certain extent and one type of bra that perfectly achieves these purposes is the Push Up Bra which is designed to show off cleavage. It lifts the breasts and add shape with extra padding. Some types of push up bras use silicone inserts or water sacks to imitate fullness of natural breasts, creating a full cleavage look while offering lots of support.

There are countless brands in the market today with their own line of push-up bras with a wide variety of features and come-ons.Two brands which are innovative and uses high-quality materials for their push up bras are the Breeze Comfort Push Up Bra and the Marks & Spencer Push Up Bra.

Breeze Comfort Push Up Bra has exclusive patented perforated bra pads which makes their bras 100% more breathable than other padded bras. It has a sleek and smooth silhouette that gives women just the right amount of natural-looking boost while keeping us cool and comfortable all day long. Its other features include the following: seamless molded cups for a smooth look and to prevent show through, double banded adjustable shoulder straps ensuring a perfect fit with underwires for extra support and three rows of hook and eye back closure. It’s available in nylon, polyester,spandex.
On the other hand, Marks & Spencer Push up Bra has been designed to give maximum over-all volume, transforming a boyish A-cup into a curvaceous C in seconds. It has a lightweight foam material which makes the wearer comfortable and its seam-free design makes it invisible beneath the tightest silhouettes. It gives women two whole extra cup sizes for a naturally enhanced look.

Whatever your choice may be, always keep this in mind. A bra should not only create an illusion of cleavage but importantly it should be one that you could be comfortable with, almost like second skin.

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