Guy’s Guide to Buying Sexy Lingerie for Your Girlfriend

Ditch the fumbles, keep the fun

Every guy does it at some stage in his life… heads out to buy a piece or two of sexy lingerie for a lady, braving the shop assistants, the kindly looks of other customers and the odd feeling that you’re ‘cheating’ by touching lingerie that doesn’t yet belong to your girlfriend. When you choose your lingerie well, though, it is SO worth it! Today we check out some top tips for guys looking for lady’s lingerie gifts to both help make the experience more natural, and avoid returns and exchanges.

Don’t just get her size…

The most important aspect of a piece of sexy lingerie is that it fits properly – otherwise the hottest suspenders and the sheerest chiffon panels will just look funny. You’ll want not only her size, but also her measurements. You can often grab these from the labels on her bras and knickers, which will say something similar to: “To fit: Chest, 80-90cm, Bust, 90-100cm, Waist, 60-65cm” etc. This is the easiest way to account for sizing differences between brands of sexy lingerie without actually getting her to try a piece on.

Colour matching

Match the colour of the lingerie to your girl’s hair colour:

• Pastels for blondes
• Red, purple and teal for brunettes
• Blue and green for redheads

And if you’re unsure of colour, always go for black – it’s the universal in lingerie.

Fabric choice

The fabric that lingerie is based on will be one of the biggest factors in determining how comfortable it is… and therefore how often she wants to wear it! Here’s a guide:

• Lace: Can be a little scratchy or itchy, but is alright for looser fitting pieces. Of course, there are now lace fabrics that are made from polyester blends and are much more comfortable than traditional lace.
• Silk: Is always a safe bet. Not many girls will buy silk underwear for themselves, so you can really make an impact by grabbing her some bras and knickers based on silk. Make sure it is washable, though.
• Lycra: This will be form-fitting, flexible and very comfortable – if you’ve chosen the correct size!
• Polyester/polyamide: This fabric was once called ‘nylon blend’, and is just as universally comfortable, sensuous and hard-wearing as it was back then.


Most guys have a good idea of the sexy lingerie styles that turn them on. Considering that they won’t be on a factory-moulded mannequin, though, you’ll need to take her shape and preferences into account as well! You probably have an idea from her complaints in front of the mirror which of her body parts she likes and which she doesn’t. Use the guide below to sexy lingerie styles that accentuate a particular part of the body:

• Stomach: Suspender belts are go! Girls that don’t like their tummy will be unhappy with how these cut into them.
• Bust: Corsets show off her best ‘asset’
• Legs: Babydoll dresses leave her pins to shine
• Bottom: Thongs and boyshort knickers set those curves free
• Thighs: Hold up stockings will go well with other lingerie types to put the focus on her thighs

Shopping tips

Look online for your sexy lingerie first! You’ll feel so much more comfortable staring at bras and panties when there is nobody in the room but yourself. Don’t be shy to use the contact form on a website to ask a question about pieces, or choose a store that lets you buy several pieces and return the ones that don’t fit.

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