The Art of Wearing Big Earrings

For the longest time, we were told that big earrings were gaudy, out of style, out dated and over rated among other things. The thought over wearing hoops as big as tennis balls was just not something that we even thought of. Well ladies, that trend has turned and bigger is considered better in the jewelry world these days.

Working in the fashion world, I always try to keep up with the latest list of dos and don’ts and to stay a step ahead in my wardrobe and accessories. About a year or so ago, I began to notice that trend in jewelry to shift from small and dainty to big and bold. I began to shift with it. My silver bracelets were bigger, my rings were wide enough at the top for two fingers and my necklaces practically covered my whole neck. For some reason it took me awhile to turn myself over to big earrings.

May big earrings make me think of the 80s, and who wants to go back to the days of 80s fashion faux pas? So, I started slowly with big silver hoops. Once I put them on I wore them every day for about two weeks. If you look at all the stars, what do you see? Big earrings, specifically big hoops. JLo, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan are just a few of the many people who have jumped on the big earring band wagon and made it what it has become today.

I get questions from many people regarding what kind of style looks best with big earrings. I have one friend who feels she can’t wear them because she has short hair and one who doesn’t wear them because she has long hair. The beauty of big earrings is that anybody can wear them. Short hair, long hair, petite women and curvy gals all look good with big earrings. They are one size fits all. Short hair shows off the earrings and long hair allows you to catch a glimpse of them. Those of you with long hair should appreciate big earrings because if you wear small earrings such as small diamond studs or tiny hoops, nobody can see them.

If you still haven’t bought a pair of big earrings, the time has come. All you have to have is a little attitude, because a little goes a long way. Big earrings are the one size fits all piece of jewelry that we all most embrace in today’s fashion world.

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