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Manufacturing of handmade gemstone jewelry in intricate designs is a craft that has been around in different parts of the world for over a thousand years. This technology has been passed down from generation to generation and is preserved and practiced in many different countries, including Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has been renowned for its gem stones and gem studded jewelry since ancient times.

The gem stones of Sri Lanka have adorned the crowns and jewelry of royalty around the world for many centuries.

The wedding ring given to princess Diana by prince Charles was set with a large blue star sapphire from Sri Lanka.

A Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye of Sri Lankan origin, weighing 105 carats was purchased for the British Royalty from a reputed London Jeweler around 1900.This Cats eye was cherished by four British Monarchs-Edward VI, George V, Edward VII and Queen Elizabeth II-due to its exceptionally fine quality.

The Great Aqua of Sri Lanka, with a weight of roughly 1,890 carats is the largest gem found in Sri Lanka. This aquamarine yielded a sparkling gem of 946 carats, which became part of Saudi Prince’s royal collection.

The antiquity of the gem trade in Sri Lanka is clearly established by the fact that two technical terms used for two popular gem stones, Tourmaline and Padparascha are of Sri Lankan origin. Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhala and Tamil word “Toramalli’ and ‘Padparascha” is a Tamil word used to refer to a pinkish orange Sapphire found only in Sri Lanka. These terms were also used by the early Moor traders who were the descendants of Arab traders who settled in Sri Lanka in the eighth century AD

(1) Hopes cats eye- over 500 carats. It is the largest chrysoberyl Cats Eye in the world previously owned by Thomas P.Hope,the wealthy British banker and gem investor. This enormous cats eye is carved to represent an altar surmounted by a torch. It is hemispherical in shape and measures about one and a half inches in diameter.

(2) Blue giant of the orient-466 carats This is the largest blue sapphire in the world-466 carats. Is was mined in the Ratnapura (Gem City) District of Sri Lanka in 1907.It is a treasured possession of a famous American Gem Collector.

(3) Logan Blue Sapphire-423 carats It is the second largest blue sapphire in the world. It has a rich deep blue colour and is completely flawless. It was gifted to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC by Mrs. John A Logan.

(4) Rosser Reeves Star Ruby-138 carats This is the world’s largest star ruby, and it combines the rare features of excellent colour,good transparency and a well defined star. It is one of the outstanding exhibits of the U.S National Gem collection at the Smithsonian Institute.

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