Express Thanksgiving With Sapphire Jewelry

In pursuit of our respective goals, our lives have become so linear that we seldom express appreciation towards things that are bestowed upon us. Thanksgiving is the day to abandon ignorance and revive our compassion towards nature and fellow beings. It’s the celebration of earth’s bounty and joy of togetherness. The day gives a feel of good old feasting and merrymaking by bringing us out of “closed cabin sandwich lunches” to turkey centered banquet table. It emphasizes the coziness that we feel while being surrounded by our loved ones.

While flowers are the most obvious gifts to express and welcome earthly beauty, what could be a more exclusive and unique representation of the same? The answer is gemstone jewelry. Gemstones are earth’s very own creation. Their colors, vividness, luster and strength collectively represent nature’s numerous offerings and its importance to us. Amongst all gemstones Sapphire symbolizes earth and its expanse. Earth is known to be “The Sapphire Planet” as it appears to be a glowing gem like blue planet when seen from space. Nothing could be more appropriate then Sapphire jewelry to accentuate the serene, generous and altruistic nature of earth and present it as an expression.

Be it a seductive deep blue sapphire pendant testifying sincere love on your lady’s neck or baby pink heart shape sapphire earrings for your daughter; they truly say that you care. Due to their durability and matchless color; sapphires are among the topnotch gemstones and are probably the most ideal option while choosing jewelry for dear ones.

One good thing about Sapphire is that it blends well with all types of jewelry. Whether it is a ring, pendant or earring it’s rich crowing color complements it all. When worn by itself Sapphire portrays pure simplicity giving a classy everyday look. On the other hand its companionship with diamonds is like numerous stars encircling clear midnight sky announcing your glory. Diamond twinned sapphire jewelry is true celebration of well-being and thus is best to choose for Thanksgiving.

Sapphire jewelry at Angara ranges wide with all sorts of styles, shapes and options. The choice of earrings starts from elegant solitaire stud and drop earrings and goes up to hoops with sapphire in channel settings, earrings with diamond rimmed sapphire and earring in eloquent design patterns. The assortment of solitaire sapphire rings present option to choose from princess cut, emerald cut, pear shaped, marquise or oval shaped stones. Sapphire rings paired with diamonds are also in series of settings and makeup.

While ruby is for yellow gold, Sapphire goes best with white gold and platinum. With its Sapphire pendants, brings the best of designs in both yellow and white gold. So get ready to celebrate and express your love and appreciation this Thanksgiving with pure, lavish and promising Sapphire jewelry.

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