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I will not commonly wear any jewelry on a daily basis except for a watch. I’m not flashy at all, and tend not to feel the have to locate matching accessories for each and every single outfit. But I do need to admit that you will find some formal occasions when jewelry is practically needed so that you can make an ensemble glimpse beneficial. For example, if I’ve to go to some black-tie affair, I wouldn’t dream of showing up without a tasteful strand of pearls around my neck and matching studs for my ears. But this presents a issue in itself, as I will not have pierced ears. I do not feel persons realize just how difficult it’s to locate clip on earrings for adults!

I used to be pierced, doing the deed way back in junior high school. But since I never truly wore any jewelry, the holes closed up within a year or two and I haven’t bothered to have them pierced again for fear that exactly the same thing will happen. As a result, I’m stuck wearing clip on earrings during those couple of fancy occasions (weddings, cocktail parties, charity advantages) that arrive up every once in a while. And despite there being a plethora of clip on earrings for kids at each accessory store at the mall, you won’t uncover exactly the same variety for adults.

Luckily, I have been capable to discover arrive excellent on the internet jewelry stores that carry a broad choice of clip on earrings for adults. These pieces are elegant, classy, and tasteful, and make getting dressed for that all-important event a great deal simpler. I love how one of the websites I go to has its clip on earrings sorted by categories to create shopping for a particular occasion a breeze. If I’ve to go to some wedding, I can check out the bridal party jewelry. If I’m going to some benefit of some sort, I can glimpse via far more classic, conservative pieces.

I can even purchase real gemstones, which I’ve done quite a couple of times. It’s rare to be able to have genuine diamonds, sapphires, or rubies set in clip on earrings, but it is possible to certainly uncover these items should you know wherever to appear. Some of my friends feel I’m crazy for shelling out that kind of money for clip on earrings, and I can see exactly where they’re coming from to some particular extent. But if I’m going to become dressing up, then I wish to go all out to appear nice.

Granted, there aren’t lots of women nowadays who tend not to have their ears pierced, but we do exist! I know from personal experience that it may be quite frustrating trying to discover clip on earrings for adults that do not appear like they were made especially for Halloween or a gaudy Vaudeville-type act. I’m just so glad I’ve found a couple of internet boutiques that provide folks like me the chance to accessorize with class!

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