A Black Ceramic Watch – The Emblem of Luxuriousness


To begin with, let’s take a look at ceramic as a material. As an inorganic, non-metallic solid prepared by the action of heat, ceramic materials can have a crystalline or partly crystalline structure or may be amorphous. Though ceramic is essentially a delicate substance, but with an advancement in technology, it is possible to convert it into a scratch-resistant and durable material, thus making it apt for fabricating watches, especially a black ceramic watch that denotes style and elegance.

The first ceramic watch was produced by Chanel in 2000 which was a hi-tech, scratch-resistant watch. Soon after Chanel’s success, manufacturers stepped in the ceramic watch market and started producing similar watches.

Ceramic watches are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Apart from the round, square and rectangle dial to hold the watch in place, there is an option of a strap or a bracelet. When it comes to the available colours, you name it and you’ll have it; however black is one of the most preferred colours.

You could also consider a digital watch that shows time in digits or an analogue watch that unlike the digital watch has a dial with 3 needles – one representing seconds, the other minutes and the third one depicting the hours.

Since you are spending a handsome amount of money, it will be suitable if you go in for a waterproof watch if your daily routine involves a high usage of water or other liquids.

Moving on to the price of the watch, it is true that some ceramic watches may cost you heaps and bounds but at the same time, there are a few ceramic watches that are durable and stylish yet not so expensive. Despite being affordable, these economical watches do not compromise on quality.

If you own a ceramic watch you might know what it is like to be an owner of one. More than a mere wristwatch or simply a timepiece, the ceramic watch is often appreciated as a jewellery or piece of art.

A piece of advice before you step into the shop and come out with your slice of the pack- make sure you are aware of the latest trends. Also, there is a wide variety of ceramic watches available in the market; some are built exclusively for men or women while some are unisex. Due to high durability and elegance, these watches are expected to see a major growth in demand in the coming years.

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