Hair Loss Reasons Revealed

How many times have you read about reasons for hair loss? I bet you’ve read so many that your head is spinning. Who is right and who is wrong and what is probable? Answers to these questions come in different angles depending on who you talk too. Even in the professional community, answers to these questions vary from one specialist to another. I will categorize some of the common reasons of hair loss and detailing one opinion. I will identify some of the drugs that promote hair loss and also some psychological reasons why it happens to persons like yourself.

This article will discuss the wide array of opinions that surround this problem and what you need to do in order to get an answer.

The major categories will be revealed in the following statements.

Having different institutions of study pinning down the real reason is almost an impossibility. Just like 2 doctors may not have the same opinion about a diagnosis, agreement is at best debatable. But the following general categories seem to be agreed upon by most professionals.

Heredity factors can attribute to hair loss because of family ancestry.

Aging factors can also be attributed just because of us getting older. This is a fact of life we cannot deny and sometimes cannot stop.

Hormonal imbalance. This is an attribute that can happen many different ways if we don’t take care of ourselves nutritionally.

Illness and infectious diseases. What can we do to keep free from getting sick or getting a disease?

Nervous disorders. This could be attributable to an environmental change in which your circumstances are more stressful and being able to cope becomes an issue.

So considering these major categories as reasons for hair loss we will be concentrating on one of the opinions stated.

The opinion of hormonal imbalance is also a popular reason and has cause for merit once its properties are explored.

Hair loss in men as it’s related to testosterone.

So how is testosterone related to this problem? This sounds like a far fetched idea but considering the facts you might have second thoughts about it altogether. Taking the opinion that men lose hair due to the lack of male hormones.

Now these lack of male hormones can be directly linked to testosterone. When hair loss shows up in a man it is known that a lack of hormones, mainly testosterone which is related to a hormone called DHT. Now DHT is actually responsible for men are afflicted.

Knowing that hair loss begins with hair thinning is the reason why DHT is the culprit in this aspect of reasons. As more hairs are lost every time we shampoo or comb our hair the hormone DHT actually fills in the gaps left by the secreting hairs. Eventually after time the hair becomes finer and finer and thus starts the observation of thinning hair.

What about drugs causing us to lose our hair?

With Americans taking a lot of prescribed medications some may actually be the root cause. People that are taking cholesterol medication may actually be affecting their health. People that take medications to combat Parkinson disease may also affect other parts of their body.

Some ulcer drugs and anticoagulants may also promote hair problems as a by product.

Having a primary medical condition needs to be dealt with but if hair loss does occur then a investigation on what drugs you are currently taking certainly is part of the research process.

If you lead a stressful life, a typical TYPE-A personality with deadlines you have to meet everyday then that could be a core reason. Although it’s not appropriate to change professions just because you are starting to notice hair thinning or baldness you certainly can control yourself to circumstances. That is, constant evaluation of your reaction to the stimuli around you is about the best research you can do for yourself. Learning how to relax in stressful situations is certainly a good trait to acquire and could help you relieve your stress level which ultimately might lead to stopping your loss of hair.

Having explored some different reasons why hair loss occurs and knowing that medical opinions differ just might make your own research a bit more diligent. The more information you can get about yourself, if your afflicted with hair loss, the better off you will be.

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