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Technology now has its way to cure hair loss in a speedy and convenient way. Most of the extremely bald men still have a ring of hair on the sides and at the back of their heads. This hair is not lost during the hair loss process. Guess why? It is because the follicles themselves are not affected by DHT, the hormone that causes the follicles in the front and top of the head to shrink in size and stop growing hair.

A shampoo, which deals with hair loss usually, blocks DHT. Unlike hair loss shampoo, in hair transplantation surgery, a piece of this skin containing these follicles is removed from the back and sides of the head. The follicles are then extracted from the surrounding tissue and then are reinserted into the affected balding areas of the scalp.

Follicles continue to grow hair even after they have been moved from the back to the front of the head for the reason that follicles themselves are not affected by DHT.
In most cases doctors will concentrate the placement of the hairs to the front and top of the heads at the expense of the crown. Doctors usually do this because this frames the face and give the best aesthetic result.

Patients will continue to see an increase in hair loss from the non-transplanted hairs that were growing there before the transplant unless patients use a drug like Propecia after having a transplant. What doctors do in these cases is that they do perform additional transplant procedures to increase the density.500 grafts is usually the most that can be done at one time.

It is quite impossible to have the same density that existed before the hair loss. But, with careful placement of the follicles by the doctor, the illusion of a full head of hair can be created.
Doctors follow general rules of thumb for the best candidates who can most benefit from surgical hair restoration. In terms of age, young patient, which ages from 18-25 are not advisable to undergo hair transplant. It is because they have recent hair loss, which most likely will progress further. The best cures for recent hair loss are drugs such as Rogaine and Propecia. In terms of extent of hair loss, the more stabilized the hair loss, the easier it is for the doctor to put grafts into the right areas.

In terms of hair type, patients with thicker and coarser hair will gain better result in a transplant compared to drugs. Because wavy hair has more body, it gives a denser appearance compared to straight hair. In terms of density, when the patient’s hair has a high density, there is more hair available for transplantation and better results will be gained. In terms of race, blacks have the advantage.

It is because they have curly thick hair. They also have darker skin, for that reason, the transplanted hairs are not contrasted against much lighter skin. If you have money, why waste your time using shampoos for hair loss and wait for a month or two to see the effect, if there is any effect.

You are hereby recommended to take action today!

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