Your Costume Jewelry And Shopping Options-Are You Sure You Are Paying For What It’s Really Worth?

Costume jewelries can come into vast styles and qualities with prices from inexpensive to expensive depending on their brand names and materials used. There are styles of, just to name few, Hollywood styles where the trends are being substantiated and influenced by Hollywood Stars of whom and how and where they are worn, European trend styles, Oriental styles, Bohemian styles and so on that are broadly used but I won’t go any further as this may sound so tedious to read as we already know this. We also know that the costume jewelries are made from various materials of both man made, natural with mixture of precious metals and synthetic gems or natural gem stones or vise versa.

The question is “What is the most important factor of Costume Jewelry for you?” The costume jewelry as they are available in vast ranges is so versatile and affordable that when chosen carefully and worn appropriately, can be an important tool to beautify yourself as well as providing you with high confidence and self esteem with elegance and beauty to stand out amongst us, the surroundings. After all, every one of us is having costume jewelry for the basic reason, “to look beautiful and elegant” be it for particular purpose or simply just for a hobby as the case may be.

Here are some of suggested golden rules to adorn your fashion with costume jewelry.

-Most importantly, one should always be able to coordinate with the colors and styles of outfits with costume jewelry because this is what costume jewelry is all about and never overdo by putting on excessive jewelry as this will only degrade your outfit and fashion unless this is your hobby?

-If you happened to have chosen a good coordination of colors, even the cheapest jewelry can look more beautiful and elegant than you can imagine and this is why you should always have variety of colors and styles of jewelries in your jewelry box for easy accesses and be ready whenever and whatever the occasions. You can do this because costume jewelry is affordable and readily available in the markets.

Generally, the key point for the coordination of your outfits and jewelry is to match by the major color of jewelry gems/stones and the best way to coordinate is using complementary color comparison method. That is, for example, greenish colors of outfits with rubies and orange and/or reddish colors of outfits with sapphires will surely point the jewelry quite distinctively with beautiful coordination. In general, colorful stones will go nicely with medium tones of grey, brown and pale yellow outfits. Pearls and opals will go nicely with black and single colored outfits but will also nicely match with pastel colored outfits for fine and smooth coordination.

Next step to consider is the coordination of outfit styles with the jewelry. In general, colorful dresses/outfits should be coordinated with colorful gems/stones (like rubies) with intricate designs like flower or crown like motifs. For the simple look formal wears should be coordinated with jewelries with volume and simple designs.

Lastly and not in the least, you would also have to consider the material of outfits. For example, the usual light and thin summer clothing will be best for the light and simple jewelries rather than dull and stout styles and the delicate, bright, smart designs will be more suitable as oppose to plain and heavy designs for the thick winter clothing.
Ok! you knew all this but for those who were not familiar with this suggestive rules, try for yourself and I am sure you will be more satisfied than ever with uplifted style, charm and elegance and will certainly make you stand out in the crowds and envied.

Next is the problem where and how to choose the right styles and colors for yourself when there are so many from unique styles to antique and contemporary styles to choose and with so many outlets and stores or from online shops to choose from. In most occasions, people tend to buy on impulse as they walk pass through stores. This is fine but wouldn’t it be wise and more interesting to compare the prices and qualities since there are so many out there readily available nowadays? And, if you happened to find a style be unique or not and with your liking, that will be an absolute added bonus.

Once you have found the style you liked, be sure to check the quality of its’ finish and the gems/stones for their color, clarity, cut and flawlessness just like you would to choose for diamonds and gems. There are so much better qualities out there at the same or lesser value with huge variety of styles. So, shop around because it’s fun to choose either from the stores or on the internet online shopping stores.

In conclusion, if you can make your money worth when buying costume jewelries with your total satisfaction what more can we ask for? After all, it is your fashion and your own style that you are promoting.

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