Wide Width Cowboy Boots

Wide width cowboy boots are considered ideal for those persons with wide foot. It is comfortable footwear that provides protection to toes. Wide width boots come in the market with markings such as EW, E, EE, EEE, and W. These markings simply represent the width needed in boots and vary with different leg sizes. Boots with standard width have B markings for women and D for men.

Wide width cowboy boots are available in all brands, colors, styles, designs, and patterns. They are generally made from cowhide leather. Exotic skins of alligator, ostrich, lizard, eel, cobra, python, anteater, and kangaroo are also used to make wide width boots. These boots are usually high heeled with high shafts. There is no lacing in cowboy boots. There are hand trimmed and hand sewn wide width boots, made by expert boot makers. The boots can have fancy embroidery work. Gold, precious stones or diamonds are at times embedded in boots. The boot toes vary in cuts, which may be pointed, boxy or rounded.

One of the ways to get wide width cowboy boots is to shop at the nearest store that sells boots. Then, find the rack with boots that fit your size and keep on trying various available boots until you get an appropriate boot. You can also get wide width boots through online stores.

Sometimes it is difficult to get wide width cowboy boots for women. This is because of the fact that most women have a medium foot width. Not all stores have wide width boots. In such cases, these boots can be custom made or specially ordered according to the requirement. Customers can get the boots of preferred widths and sizes. They can specify designs while stitching and select sole according to their choices. These custom made boots are an ideal way to represent individual styles and tastes.

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