Tankini Swimwear – Advantages / Disadvantages


Tired of wearing the regular looking two piece or one piece swimsuits out there? Well now their is some that are called tankini swimwear.

They are sort of like bikinis except without the “bi” and adding in a “Tank” that’s where the name TANKini’s came from. This swimwear is pretty much like a tank top styled as a swimsuit top and a regular pair of bottoms.

This is a great new look for swimming suits that was created. The tankini swimwear shows less of your skin because it pretty much covers up the belly area, but it’s not like a regular one piece.

Once piece swimwear can kind of feel tight and uncomfortable, since the tankini’s are two piece swimsuits it lets you have more freedom.

Using tankini swimwear you can be different than everyone else on the beach, because not a lot of people know about these yet.

You can be the one who has the ‘new look’, plus you will be more comfortable inside of your tankini, and you will have that nudge of style going on for yourself.

Whatever your reason for choosing to use a tankini, you are bound to enjoy it for all of its effects.

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