Make Love Not War


“The act of hiding anything from your enemy is termed ‘camouflage’.”

But for today’s urban camouflage wearers, blending into the scenery is most definitely not the point, especially for the temptuous siren of the night, eager to reveal not conceal!

An increasing number of women say they like to get noticed for the clothes they wear, and with the current trend in camouflage, found in everything from casual to formalwear, the wearer can inevitably count on being seen.

It would appear strange that a fabric designed with the purpose to make it’s user invisible would now be juxtaposed inside “to-be-seen-in” night clubs and beside an urban landscape where it does not hide but maybe make a more fashion conscious statement. For many years the fashion industry has been using and mixing military camo styling to be used in the urban playground.

Fashion, like all forms of culture, is a reflection of our desires, fears, motives and aspirations. And recently war has inspired so much fashion.

Peppered with military themes, from camouflage pants and skirts to mini-dresses dipped in desert tan and mixed with red and green spots — Siren’s Secrets’ new CLuB CaMo WeaR looks perfect for the China Club — or downtown Baghdad. With a desire to promote the survival of love and desire in a world increasingly engaged in hatred and destruction, Siren’s Secrets offers more than just camouflage clothing for the club goer. CluB Camo is the place to start for those who want to really make love, not war.

America’s clothes have always mirrored our conflicts. The First World War ushered in military-inspired fashion innovations such as the trench coat (from the officers in the trenches of Europe) and wristwatches (in place of pocket watches).

The war as an incendiary issue has caused purchases of combat wear to spike in the United States — camo jackets and pants, khaki cloth belts, and shoulder sashes that mimic ammo magazines.

The US streets back in the 60s saw camo clothing worn on both sides, the vets returning from war and the peace protestors. The anti-war brigades adorned combat jackets and camo fatigues with art and designs from ban the bomb symbols to flowers.

Camouflage is not just for hunters and military uniforms anymore, and the camo look is one of the hottest urban and club fashions trends that continues to morph into many forms of fashion and design items year after year.

Julie Messeloff, a media studies student at Queens College, New York, observes that “cammies” were adopted as hip-hop urban streetwear as early as the mid ’90s. Some wore original surplus and some wore camouflage designed by companies such as FUBU. Anna Sui anticipated the current trend with a sequined camouflage cocktail dress as early as 1996. Now the camouflage/sequin combo has become ubiquitous, along with other creative combinations, such as:

Even Manolo has gone camo with Camo Manolos! (shop at
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The fascinating use of fashion to break down the border between aesthetic culture, economics, passion and politics is a topic worthy of further exploration. The Camo trend is certainly a great style to lead the way in this regard.

Of course the real function of camo is cool, too. It’s neat to just be able to disappear in the woods!

But if you’re a true Siren, with a mission is to lure us all back to love, remember, the secret is that camo isn’t made to be beautiful or even to be scary for the enemy… It’s made to survive, so you can keep love alive! March on over to CLuB CaMo now. Get your special ops gear and fight for love.

Tina Ramone writes articles for Siren International Inc., the parent company of Sexy Lingerie & Sexy Clothing Store [], []

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