Hot Hairstyles – The Look For 2007

The look for 2007 is the short crop and the good news is there is a style to suit all women.

Why is the short crop so popular? It’s sexy, stylish and the ultimate hairstyle for today’s busy women and more than that it’s also a liberating cut lets look at it in more detail.

Short hair has been popular since the 1920’s when it was the height of fashion and it had a massive revival in the sixties when Twiggy launched millions of imitators with her distinctive look.

The short cut then was seen as a statement of liberation and freedom and that is happening again today.

Today’s women are busy and the short crop is the ultimate time saver as well as looking great.

More women than ever are using short hair as a statement having after life changing events such as a divorce or career move to make a statement of liberation.

A good example was Kylie Mynogue the singer who was forced to have a short cut after her cancer scare.

When she appeared in front of the cameras she looked great with a new short crop looking stylish and defiant.

The short crops rise came at the end of 2006 setting the mood for it to be the hot hairstyle look of 2007.

The catwalks featured it and the glossy magazines followed as more models took up the look.

As we turn into 2007 it’s the look to have and there is one for everyone

While an oval face is perfect for a short cut, however with the variety of styles there is a cut for everyone and your hairdresser can advice you on the best way cut for you.

So its short, cute, stylish, sexy and the ultimate in convenience for today’s busy women – That’s why the short crop is the hot new hairstyle for 2007.

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