Fashion? What Is It All Fur?

With global warming upon us, it is hardly surprising that not many of us wish to think about wearing fur, especially during the winter months. In many parts of the world, the winter has been so mild, that wearing fur on such days will bring you out into a sweat. So why do so many people think that it is cool to wear fur? Do they not know that they would be more comfortable in a skimpy shirt and trunks?

And if wearing fur was all about keeping warm, then most people–fashion conscious or not–would be wearing knitted tights provided by their grandmother. There are plenty of grandmothers around that would be only too pleased to provide a conveyor-belt supply of knitted garments. Grandmothers were made just for the role of supply for spoilt grandchildren.

Of course, fur is more about wearing something for fashion rather than utility. Even in the 21st century when fur products have been deprecated, it is still surprising whether fashion is involved or not.

Fur sales in Britain rose by 30% in 2005. Sure, fur does look good on some people. And if you are high profile, then dawning fur can make it seem that you are part of the jet set–the lucky few who have money and influence. But with the dislike of fur products being so widespread and especially as it has been publicly denounced by a number of popular celebrities, it is still surprising that celebrities in the public eye still choose to wear this type of garment.

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