What’s the Difference Between CHI Authentic Farouk And CHI Velocity Hair Straighteners?

In terms of purchasing the correct hair tool, there are lots of factors you have to make to get the ideal one to suit your needs. A couple of the most useful flat iron’s right now available on the market would be the Original CHI Flat Iron and also the CHI Velocity flat iron, to discover which may be best suited for you, you should know the distinctions among those two items. We’ll review both of these items on their dimensions, temperatures, style and also value.

1. Tool Dimensions

The Original CHI Flat Iron and the CHI Velocity iron are actually made up of a 1″ wide ceramic plate. Ceramic plates have been shown to be the greatest at generating equally spread heat along with locking moisture in to the hair as they are utilized.

The two tools are a typical size of approximately 6″ long, the CHI producers and designers think this to be the ideal size for any hair straightener, since it guarantees the ceramic plates will be of sufficient length to straighten up a greater volume of hair in a single fast movement, and still permitting an appropriate quantity of holding area between the handgrip and the hot ceramic plates, to reduce the probability of burning up yourself.

2. Heat Options

The CHI Velocity flat iron includes a fast heat system and adjustable heat control configurations, letting you set the temperature higher or lower as you prefer. The CHI Velocity Hair straightener warms up to an incredible 200°C (392°F), and so even the most unmanageable hair is going to be immediately tamed!

The CHI Original Farouk Hair straightener features a fantastic heat system that may warm up to 150°C – 180°C (302°F-356°F) in just 6-10 mere seconds! In case speed is exactly what you are after the CHI Original might be the hair straightener to suit your needs.

3. Style

The two hair tools are actually created using a contemporary, slim style for maximum appeal and efficiency.

The CHI Velocity was created having a simple grip handle to make a better hold and there for greater overall performance. It’s also popular because of its hair styling flexibility, and is not only a hair straightener, you can use it to produce a variety of hair styles.

The CHI Authentic Farouk was made with press sensitive technology that allows conserve power. It’s been most publicised for just working with 20-25 w of electrical power! So in order to warm up to 150°C-180°C (302°C-356°C) within 6-10 mere seconds is majorly amazing! Ideal for the earth as well as your hair!

4. Cost

The two Hair straighteners can be purchased for less than $100, so are great valuable. The CHI Authentic Farouk is a bit high-priced compared to CHI Velocity, however this might be down to the fact it’s an economical hair straightener, so in the end could save you lots of money.

You’ve now learned the distinctions between CHI Velocity Flat Iron and the Original CHI Flat Iron, which of such wonderful hair straighteners would be the choice for you?

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