Tips For Applying Concealer Like A Pro

There is an art to applying makeup correctly and this is especially true when applying concealer. This type of makeup is created specifically to hide imperfections so it is very heavy and hard to get smoothed out. Concealer will take care of all sorts of problems including skin tone that is uneven and dark circles under the eyes. It is often used to hide blemishes and scars. There are some handy tips to keep in mind that will help you get a more natural look.

Take a cue from professional make up artists all over and go light with the concealer. Less is more and you should always use as little make up as possible especially during the day. Bright light will expose concealer that has been applied to heavily and will look terrible. Always use less when you have any doubt.

Skin coloring is unique to each individual. Most people have a hard time finding a base or foundation that matches their skin pigmentation exactly. It is important to use a color that is as close a match as you can possible get. This will take some time to figure out what works best for you. Trial and error is really the only way to do it. Keep trying different colors until you find one that works for you. Ask a friend to offer help with this because it can help to have a second opinion.

When you find the brand and tone that you like best, start working on your technique. With the right color and a light touch, you will find that healthy glow that you have been looking for.

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