The No No Hair Remover

The NO NO Hair Remover is a new product from Radiance Smart Skin Solutions which aims to substitute hair removal products and match them with something that is presumed to give laser-like treatments. With the use of this product, one subjects herself into the NO NO Hair Removal System which is centered on the patented Thermicon technology.

The patented Thermicon technology basically involves the use of heat and transmitting it into the hair roots. This incinerates hair along with it. With the simple glide of the device on the skin, the hair goes through definite stages of removal. The first stage is referred to as the ‘first contact’ stage. On this stage, the heat signal removes surface hair as it is transmitted down the hair follicle. The second stage is known as the ‘crystallization’ stage wherein the signal has fully traveled down to crystallize the hair roots. The third and last stage is known as the ‘disruption’ stage which means that the hair follicles are disrupted to prevent any hastened hair re-growth.

With the technology explained, one should also know that there are three steps in using this product. With the new NO NO Hair Remover, you just need to “glide”,”buff”, and “moisturize”. First, you simply have the device glide on your skin. Second, to buff involves the use of the inclusive buffing pad. With buffing, you get to remove the crystallized hair left on the skin. The last step which is moisturizing is essential to maintain good skin condition especially that skin would be made more visible without hair.

The NO NO Hair Remover makes one remove her hair without the inconvenience of pain like those from tweezing or waxing. With a simple glide on the skin, the hair can already be eliminated. It has to be stressed though that the use of the product involves a little bit of time and commitment. There’s no such thing as miracle products after all. Still, despite the needed time, you can always incorporate it into other recreational activities like watching DVDs.

The technology guarantees reduced occurrence of hair growth in the long run. With its role in these new technology products, it might well be worth the try.

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