How To Take Care Of Your Home Tanning Bed

We all wanted to have our tanning beds to last as long as possible. This is why some people buy tanning beds that are touted to be durable. But tanning beds do last long if the owners take good care of them.

Here are some ways to take good care of your tanning bed.

After each session, you need to do two things, “inspect” and “clean”. You need to inspect the click strip and make sure that it is attached firmly. And you need to inspect the facial glass (if your tanning bed has it) and make sure that it has no cracks or any other “blemishes”. Then, you need to clean. You must clean the bench and canopy acrylics. Use only the right cleaning liquid, not alcohol nor bleach. And use only soft non-abrasive cloth. You must also clean the tanning bed pillow. Do not use the outdoor or oil-based tanning lotions. These will damage the acrylic. And lastly, you must clean and sanitize the goggles. This is also for your own safety.

Everyday, you do the same thing to your tanning bed, even if you are not using them, and especially if there are many users of the bed. That is, you must inspect and clean. You must inspect the acrylics for cracks, wear, or hazing. Then, you clean the pillow, the bench, and the canopy acrylics. You must also clean and sanitize goggles and the bed exterior. Again, use only the approved cleaning solution.

Once a week, aside from inspecting and cleaning, you must do more things to make sure that your tanning bed is in top condition. You must dust the lamps. But do not touch them with your bare hands. Then you must remove and clean the inside of the bench and canopy acrylic sheets. You must wipe and vacuum the fans, the vents, and the vent hoses. Check if the shock tension needs to be adjusted. If it does, then adjust it. Check the set bolts if these are still tight. And check the power cord and the bench-to-canopy connectors if these are also snug with no wear and tear.

And monthly, you clean again the bench and canopy acrylics. You also need to clean the reflectors using the appropriate cleaning solution. Inspect the vent hoses for optimum ventilation and do the necessary adjustments if needed. For sufficient ventilation, make sure that the bed is at least six inches away from the wall. And lastly, check the voltage being supplied to the bed. It should conform with the ones stated in the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you need to replace a lamp, choose replacements that meet the frequency recommendations.

When you do all these things with your tanning bed, then you are assured that the quality of your tanning bed will last longer.

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