How to Match Your Hairstyle with Your Face Shape

Usually, people try to build a look that can only be done by actually doing it but during that procedure other looks are designed. With no doubt, this is part of modern style evolution.

I really love the celebrities who change their hairstyles frequently. I too love to change my looks a fair amount, so I love any woman with the confidence and style to tackle new hairdo’s.

As I know for a woman the hair is very important I’m including some hairstyle guidelines and a face shape self test that you may find useful! They bare not rules, only suggestions. Of course, your stylist can help you decide the shape that match perfect your features. Or, you can do it yourself just slicking back your hair, and using an old lipstick to trace your face on the mirror.

1. Oval face shape matches better with gently rounded hairline, slightly narrowing it at the jawline.

2. If your face shape is rectangular avoid too much length, keep your hair just below cheekbones or around.

3. For a square face shape, try short-to-medium length of hair.

4. If you have an oval face shape, pay attention to cheeks and ears areas. Try a hair length longer than chin or short styles sweeping hair to the back.

5. For triangular face shape try a hair length that balances the narrower part

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