Hair Extensions – Why Use Human Hair? Man-Made Or Natural – Discover The Differences Right Here!

Many people, whether to lengthen, add volume or add thickness to thinning hair, opt to have hair extensions at some point. This is achieved by adding either synthetic or human hair extensions. Although more expensive, many go for human rather than synthetic hair extensions.

Well, the highest quality hair extension is human remy. This type of hair extension still has the outermost part, the cuticle layer, of the hair strand, which looks like the shingles on a roof. The cuticle layer of all remy hair lies in the same direction and flows the way it would normally.

The cuticle layer is very important as this is what prevents tangling, gives shine to the hair, as well as the length of time the extensions will last, which can be as long as one year. With the cuticle layer intact and lying flat, the hair is capable of reflecting light, which in turn produces the shine in these extensions. Why use human hair? There are more options with human hair extensions, and the results are better than synthetic – that’s a fact!

There is also human non-remy hair, which is very popular, that is available in two types – namely normal non-remy, and tangle-free non-remy. Normal non-remy is the least expensive human hair option. The cuticles are present, but in different directions, so the hair can become tangled. Tangle-free non-remy is obtained by shaving off either the cuticles, or the ends of the hair. Friction is reduced by going through this process, producing the tangle-free extension.

Synthetic hair on the other hand, is made up of different synthetic fibers. The quality of synthetic hair varies, and, if looked after properly, can also last for up to a year. Although less expensive, synthetic extensions are very different, in that they do not look at all natural, is inclined to be stiff, and have no bounce at all. Also, with synthetic extensions, you cannot have your hair styled, so once the extensions are put in place you have to have them for as long as they last. Heating appliances too, cannot be used on synthetic hair, and synthetic extensions become damaged by the sun very quickly and consequently they don’t last as long as human extensions.

Which extensions should you choose? The choice is entirely up to you and how much you have to spend. With synthetic hair you can have a head of long tresses, without the natural look and body of human hair, or, you can opt for human hair extensions that will look and feel like your own natural head of hair, and can last a whole lot longer as well.

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