Eyelash Stimulator Side Effects

A lot of women would love to have longer eyelashes. Longer eyelashes surely do look beautiful. Most women use eyelash stimulator. If you want to be safer then you must study this editorial about eyelash stimulator side effects.

One of the eye products that a lot of people are saying works well is the LiLash Purified eyelash stimulator. Even though the product has been tested by physicians, it still has some side effects. Read on to learn more.

People with shorter eyebrows are the ones that usually buy this product. Before you go out to buy them, there are a few things that you have to know. A number of people that have used this product complain of irritation. That is, their eyes become itchy, red and swollen. So when you think of growing longer, fuller and darker eyelashes also consider the damage this may cause to your eyes.

Even though people get this irritation, others have reported to have continued using it and the irritation actually going away after a week or two. To make sure that you are safe, do not apply directly to the eyes, and if by any mistake it comes to contact with your eyes, wash your eyes and see a doctor.

One other side effect that others have come across is that as your lashes grow to be fuller and longer, so does the hair in your cheeks under the eyes. These hairs are noticeable to everyone that looks at you. It is difficult to get rid of these hairs in your face because you can’t wax your face. The only way to get rid of these is to stop using the LiLash. When you do so, the hairs also disappear after a while.

So before you buy any eye product, you should find out about the eyelash stimulator side effects. If you want the LiLash, you can get it from a number of dermatology offices, online and medical spas. It is not available from stores.

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