Improving Antiaging Results With Antioxidants

Premature aging and certain diseases are becoming even more dominant in our society, even though we are so much more advanced medically in antiaging treatments and disease control, then say 100 years ago… So why the increased health issues? It is pretty obvious that even though we are better at treating health concerns we are developing them at a faster paced due to dietary, nutrition, lifestyle and social situations.

Understanding the science behind premature aging can go a long way in preventative measures and the results so many of us middle aged people are seeking in a huge and ever growing market for antiaging products, treatments and effective solutions.

There are currently two widely accepted causes of premature aging, the first being natural hormone depletion, and the other, being more controllable with the proper information and preventative measures; free radical cellular damage.

Background information – free radicals & premature aging

Cell Damage caused by free radicals in our bodies, is an emerging health concern growing in both understanding and prevention, with more research and scientific analysis becoming available everyday, more and more experts are concluding that free radical cellular damage is the number one cause of both premature aging and quite possibly most degenerative diseases and health conditions.

In a slightly over simplified fashion, free radicals appear when a process called oxidation occurs and an oxygen molecule looses an electron. Fighting to maintain balance, it attempts to ‘steal’ an electron from a neighbor, or donate its electron to a neighboring cell. This donation and borrowing countermeasure to losing an electron causes a serious side effect, cellular havoc reaps through our bodies in an snowballing effect, killing healthy cells in an almost viral effect till a balance is achieved, negating antiaging results you may be trying to

These free radicals that instigate the problems appear both naturally and (at an alarming increased rate) through environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, over exposure to UV sun rays, etc…

Fighting free radicals – prevention & action

  1. Don’t invite the enemy for dinner
  2. Step one is to try and limit the amount of unnatural free radical ingestion we go through. Quitting smoking is a huge impact for some, being conscience to not over expose yourself to dirty air and water, as well as avoiding over excessive sun exposure when the UV index is will go along way in the prevention of introducing an abundance of new free radicals to your body.

  3. Enlist some reinforcements against the enemy
  4. Step two is to enlist some reinforcements for the effective limitation and destruction of the evil free-radicals. This is where antioxidants come in, incredibly potent littler critters, these guys unselfish souls work on our team to control and stop the rampage and riots created by the evil guys causing massive cellular death, providing an excellent antiaging solution by slowing down the rate at which cellular death takes place dramatically. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by willingly donating an electron to the unstable maniacs. The magic in the anti-oxidant makeup however is that they are stable in both forms, so the viral effects and riot of massive cellular theft and death is slowed and brought down to a level where premature aging will not occur. They are beautiful things, going out in search of work; they dedicate their entire effort to helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that accumulates over time causing the aging process.

  5. Do invite the reinforcements to dinner
  6. Now that we have identified effective preventative and proactive measures we can take to increases our antiaging results, we must identify and enroll the antioxidant secret agents into our lives. The best way to do this is through a balanced and healthy diet, however due to the circumstances of our new society, we already know this can be quite difficult, therefore it is key that we identify specifics, so we can more easily manipulate and supplement our anti-aging saviors into our needy bodies.

Common anti oxidants effective for anti-aging:

  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • coenzyme Q10
  • lycopene
  • beta-carotene
  • lutein

Getting enough of these particular nutrients is as simple as following a practical and healthy diet. Making sure you are eating the recommend 8-12 servings of fruits and vegetables each day as well as choosing more naturally occurring foods instead of packaged, prepared and heavily process options will go a long way to. If you are having troubles incorporating certain healthy nutrients and antioxidants into your diets, check out your local health store for the specific things you can use supplements to get enough of.

It is alarming at how such a large percent of the population continue to practice poor dietary choices, and despite the knowledge they have on the importance of proper nutrition, fail to follow and utilize the positive changes a more healthy diet shift can bring into lives.

My hope is that a more thorough understanding of how poor nutrition is effects our body on a cellular level, as well as how it can be a literally self destructive path to follow causing premature age, will encourage more people to take the right preventative and proactive measures to lead a healthier, longer and more productive life!

For a more specific guide into foods and supplements that more effectively introduce antioxidants into your body, feel free to read a more in depth antiaging with antioxidents [] discussion on the authors website.

Donna Ogwal is a fellow health consciences citizen, publishing everyday practical advice and tips on health and antiaging concerns at Antiaging 911 []!

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