Defying Natural Aging with Injection Treatments

Some individuals will go to great lengths to avoid or stave off the effects of aging. Two procedures that have become very popular among the mainstream is Botox and Restylane. Both injection procedures are toted as the perfect remedy for anti aging there are some very important distinctions that must be investigated to determine which if any are right for you.

Botox is a neurotoxin which is paralyzes wrinkle-making muscles by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses when injected directly into these muscles. It is generally used on the vertical and horizontal lines of the upper face; between the brows and across the forehead.

This procedure is usually done in 10 to 15 minutes and is considered temporary. You will begin to see results in the first several days following the procedure and improvements should continue for up to a month. Generally, the results should last three to four months. It should be noted that although many individuals have experienced dramatic improvements, results do vary from person to person. Discuss with your doctor what a realistic outcome is for you personally.

Restylane a hyaluronic-acid dermal filler, which works by plumping up or filling the wrinkle creases by replacing naturally lost volume. Its characteristic of being moldable makes it extremely efficient at filling the deeper creases which can be found in the lower face. It is often used to smooth out the uneven areas of the face such as around the nose and mouth. The results from this procedure last about six months in lip augmentation and 12 months in other parts of the face. It should also be noted that hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body and is responsible for providing the skins volume and fullness.

Restylane and Botox treatments are both very popular and if done by a qualified doctor the results can be very dramatic. You must however do your research on who is qualified and who is not, do not opt for the basement bargains instead shop for the safest. For instance badly done injections of Botox can leave you looking expressionless, or droopy eyed or with complete facial paralysis. For medical procedures such as these you need to be informed about who you are partnering with.

If you are considering any procedure it is important to understand the possible side effects. For both anti aging procedures; redness, swelling and discomfort of the treated areas are common in the first few days. With Botox injections some people experience nausea, headaches, or flu like symptoms.

Having the right doctor will also enable you to obtain a realistic idea of what either procedure can really do for you. It is important to remember that for either procedure results vary depending on you the patient and also by who is performing the treatment. In many cases Botox and Restylane are used in conjunction with each other because they do ultimately produce different effects and work better in different areas of the face.

Do your research on the procedures and the health professionals you are looking to for help. Although the results are not considered to be permanent they do last a relatively extended time if things do not turn out as expected.

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