Effective and Safe Acne Scar Removal Methods

One of the biggest no-nos for people suffering from acne: never EVER pop your pimples. Don’t scratch, scrape, or otherwise try to smoothen out your facial skin all by yourself. Number one – it just won’t happen. Number two – it’s bound to make your facial skin worse. There will be scars, among other things, and it’ll be hard to erase the evidence of your “self-medication” even after the acne outbreak stages of your life have passed. If you never attempted to take proper care of your skin during an acne outbreak, you’ll find yourself looking into safe and effective acne scar removal options come the time.

There’s something you have to remember, though, which may well be an incentive for you to take good care of your skin always: not all acne scar removal methods are 100% safe. For one thing, you may have allergies to certain chemicals that are otherwise indispensable for the appropriate procedure. Or, you may have hypersensitive skin, which will not react well to changes.

There are a couple of removal methods out in the market today – and the method most frequently recommended by doctors is laser treatments. Laser procedures are especially popular because of their lasting effect. After a successful round of laser treatments, a problem area will take time to experience a recurrence. Laser treatment is basically stripping away damaged areas of the top layer of your facial skin.

Other removal methods include injections – in particular, steroid and collagen injections. Sometimes, these injections are carried out in tandem with various other treatments or forms of surgery. These are very delicate operations and may require you to state if you are allergic to certain chemicals before they are carried out. The same goes for chemical peels. This particular method strips away the damaged top layer of the facial skin, making room for fresh new cells to grow.

Another rather crude but effective method for removing acne is dermabrasion. In a word: scraping. The doctor removes the damaged top layer of the skin with a medical instrument that’s similar to an electric sander – and often, this comes with a modicum of pain. But once this is done with, there is plenty of room for healthy new skin to grow.

Before you ask your doctor for acne scar removal methods, be informed about your options. No one way is the ONLY way. If you have sensitive skin, especially, knowing your options would probably even save your life!

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