Acne Scar Removal Surgery – What Are My Options?

Many people consider acne scar removal surgery to treat their acne scars. A good dermatologist can do the acne scar surgery. However, before you jump in, check out your options. There are many different options for removing acne scars. Here are four common options for acne scar removal.

Chemical Peel

As the name suggests, his acne scar removal procedure the top layer of skin using a chemical substance. When the skin heals and regenerates, the skin appearance can be significantly improved.

Laser Resurfacing

Lasers are used for a wide variety of health related issues. Acne fine scars are no exception. The laser light burns away the skin that has been damaged by acne. When the skin heals, it appears much better.


Dermabrasion and dermaplaning are used to refinish the top lay of skin. This surgery uses a controlled surgical scraping to take out the irregularities of your skin. The result is a much smoother appearing skin. It is most often used to improve the facial scars left by acne.

Punch Grafts

Punch grafts acne surgery involves using small pieces of your normal skin to replace the acne scared skin. A small instrument is used to remove the scar. Then, the normal skin is used to fill the small hole left from the removal of the acne scar. It takes from five to seven days to heal.

There are many other options for removing acne scars. Some of these include pressure bandages and massages; silicone gels and creams, cortisone injections and cryosurgery.

Regardless of the procedure you choose, always check out the doctor and the treatments thoroughly. Once you and the dermatologist agree on the treatment, you will probably end up with the best scar acne removal surgery for you.

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