Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea is a persistent acne formation disorder affecting both the skin and the eye. It is a condition, whose origins are still unidentified. This development is characterized by vascular expansion concerning the face and seldom the neck and upper body. During periods of inflammation, affected areas develop swelling and puffiness.

This common skin condition mostly affects facial skin. Its most persistent feature is intense reddening of the face. Symptoms include red, flushed skin concentrated on the nose, forehead and cheeks. A person may also suffer from dry, flaking skin and reddening with increase in body temperature. This condition more often than not affects persons in the age group of 35 to 50. Mostly women are susceptible to developing this disorder, however when it occurs, it is more severe in males. Fair-skinned persons are more likely to be affected.

If one is diagnosed with this condition it is advisable to avoid hot fluids and exposure to the sun and wind. One should also keep away from spicy foods, severe temperatures and alcohol. It is advisable to avoid topical steroids as these provide a positive reaction initially but patients usually relapse, at times, with a worse condition. Lifestyle changes are advised, as worrying circumstances that make the condition worse must be avoided.

If there is a chronic development of the disorder, the nose may be inflated with thick red skin. This formation is known as ‘Rhinophyma’ and is more frequent in males. Along with thick skin, the sebaceous glands of the face expand, resulting in excessive oily skin. Puffiness of the face may co-exist with stinging sensation of the cheeks, forehead and ears.

If not treated early, Acne Rosacea will develop into a chronic progressive disease. Antibiotics might prove effective but the side effects are many. Alternative medicines should be tried to avoid damage to the digestive system.

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