Acne Problems Amongst Teenagers

Almost every child has had some problems with acne by the time they are a teenager. Most are mild cases, but occasionally a severe case develops. It is very important to the child’s skin health and emotional well being that these more serious conditions are dealt with.

First, there remains a strong possibility, that if left unchecked, that permanent scarring will occur. Short of plastic surgery, these scarring issues will remain throughout the childs lifetime, leaving the child cosmetically disfigured. It is extremely critical that the parent seek immediate professional help if the acne problem is this severe. It is the parents responsibility to care for the child and this includes not only the actual physical care but also the emotional care of the child. Left unchecked, the child will have to deal with the emotional trauma that results from severe cases gone unchecked. This emotional trauma can have life long effects in self esteem and confidence. Even one’s ability to make a living can be affected as it is natural for most people to regard a disfigured or scarred person with disdain.

I remember seeing one case a few years ago. This woman was so scarred emotionally from a severe case that was left unchecked early in her life, that it affected every corner of her life. The end result was that this young lady had very low self esteem, no friends to speak of, had a very low paying job, and hadn’t been on a date in nearly 10 years. This is a classic case that could have been prevented if her parents had sought treatment early in her life. Their lack of action had affected their child permanently in numerous areas of her life. This borders on neglect, in my opinion. I don’t care what kind of financial hardship a family is under, there are always solutions to every problem if the will is there. The sad thing is that this young woman was very intelligent and would have been very attractive if the condition had been treated properly by a dermatologist early on. Their inattention and lack of action has severely traumatized this young lady for life.

Don’t let this happen to your child. I realize that parenting is always a challenge, but it is always up to the adult to take the child’s health care seriously and to seek medical treatment when necessary.

There are numerous treatments for acne on the market today. There are even some natural methods that work without the use of pharmeceuticals. For more resources on acne, please visit the following site. []

Don’t forget to get the professional advice you need by seeking out a qualified medical doctor before treating any severe cases of acne.

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